CryptoBlades – My Rewards From the First Raid (Not What I Expected)

CryptoBlades, until recently the most popular game on the Binance Smart Chain, finally launched PVE raids today in a bid to revive interest in the game. Cryptoblades launched earlier this summer and quickly amassed a large player base, thanks to the game’s generous rewards. Unfortunately, those rewards broke the game economy and it has been three weeks now since Cryptoblades became pay-to-play.

Even in the best-case scenario, when the price of BNB went below $500 and SKILL rose to above $50, with a good five-star sword (with 1500 bonus power), a level 41 character, and 200 stamina per fight, you are in the red unless you win every fight (not likely) and even then, you just about break even. If you are playing with a lower-level character or don’t have a five-star sword, your losses are significant enough to negate any incentives for continuing to play (like the double experience bonus).

This is why PVE raids are important for Cryptoblades. The hope is that it will bring players back to the game and the economy will start to recover. The team has already added additional monetization to the game in the form of ads, which are expected to help the economy back to its feet, however, if no one is playing the game, there is no one to click the ads.

The First Raid

I am not sure how the team calculated what the Boss Power should be for the first raid, but they must have been sweating until the very end. They even started five-star sword giveaways on Discord to motivate players to join the raid. It was a close call, but ten minutes before the raid preparation ended, we had enough power to defeat the boss. Yay!

I have ten accounts in Cryptobaldes, all with lvl41+ characters, six of which also have five-star swords. I contributed 24 characters to the raid, six with 5* swords (all with 1500 bonus power or more), and an overall power of 440,309, which was 0.05% of the total power of the raid (64k players).

My 24 characters, all above level 41, with 6 fully upgraded five-star swords (the rest four and three-star) got NOTHING from the raid. Nothing, but 240 experience, which is even less than the current 200 stamina fight. Not to mention that I also had to spend an additional $6 in gas fees to collect the rewards from the raid.

So, I paid $30.4 to enter the raid and an additional $6 to collect rewards. That’s $36.4 down the drain. Like not even junk, I got a big fat nothing! Obviously, this was incredibly disappointing, especially after the team hyping raids for the last few weeks.

This whole raid business looks very suspicious, and not unlike gambling. 50k players enter a raid, 500 get worthless junk, 50 get some weapons and one lucky person gets a trinket. That means 49.5k players lose money. I am done with raids and I expect many others will be, too. And this is after a free (cheap) raid. I have no idea why they think anyone would pay SKILL in the future to enter raids.

Cryptoblades reminds me of an old, obsolete crypto miner that spends too much electricity and mines too little. It continues to be unprofitable to play and, unfortunately, the long-anticipated raids changed nothing. In their current state, I do not see raids reviving the economy. In fact, they are more likely to further disillusion the players left in the game. It might be that we’ll have to wait for Cryptoblades Kingdoms to see any signs of life in this game.

There are a few corrections we need to make to the original post above. Seems that the raid I participated in was actually the second raid, not the first (I missed the first), and the raid was lost, which is why no rewards were given. This is what they said on their Discord:

It appears the raid mechanics, the way they originally intended them to work, are even worse than I thought. For the second raid, even when player power was higher than the boss's power, there was still only a 50 percent chance to win. This is worse than gambling, it’s profiteering from your community. It boggles the mind that they thought they could get away with it.

After fan backlash from the second raid, they lowered all future raids’ bosses to level 1. I did two raids after that, this time only with 5* sword characters. I got a bonus XP once, a 3* and a 2* sword, two pieces of junk, and 3 lesser dust (from two raids). Not worth the entrance fee.

I am ready to call “rip off” on the raids. They are probably only worthwhile for level 51+ or 61+ characters, with fully upgraded 5* swords. For everyone else, stay away.

Unfortunately, this kind of incompetence and clear greed, makes me fear for Kingdoms and the future of the game. We still cannot withdraw SKILL, all available PVE mods are losing you money and they even killed off weapons transfers between accounts.